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If you arrive by train or if your arrival is at Termini station, it is much more convenient to take any train that goes to
Termini to Civitavecchia / Pisa / Grosseto with the same ticket for buses (1.50 euros or 8 euros daily ticket), with a few stops (in 10-15 minutes) you arrive at San Pietro station and you are immediately on Via Gregorio VII and with a walk you come to us.
At Termini, it is sufficient to buy an Atac ticket for buses (1.50 euros or a day ticket) and you can take one of these trains and all the buses and Metro.
With a few stops (in 10-15 minutes) you arrive at San Pietro station and you are near Via Gregorio VII
Arrived at the Roma San Pietro station leaving the train, on the platform keep the left for the exit of the
underpass and you'll find yourself right in Via Gregorio VII.
Here you can either walk up Via Gregorio VII, keeping the right side of the road, come to us with a walk.
Or with the same ticket you can take any bus that goes up, and only after 2 stops you will reach number 186 of Via Gregorio VII.
The bus stop is in the middle of the road.
If you need, we can already let you know the train times that take you to San Pietro station, just tell us the time of your arrival at Roma Termini.
Taxi can be another solution, but it is more expensive and not always the fastest.
We can also hear you in the morning for Tel or Whatzup, so we give you all the details.
Mobile phone: +39 391 136 5550
Gregory Place


  • Gregory Place
    Via Gregorio VII 186
  •         00165 Rome


  • + 39.391.1365550 (also on WhatsApp)
  •          from 10:00 to 20:00
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  •  Gregory Place BB

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